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2018 XTUNER CVD 16 CVD-16 12V/24V HD Vehicle OBD2 Diagnostic Adapter Based on Android

2018 XTUNER CVD 16 CVD-16 12V/24V HD Vehicle OBD2 Diagnostic Adapter Based on Android

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XTUNER CVD 16 is 2018 newest commercial vehicle diagnostic 16 pin adapter released by Xtuner. XTUNER CVD-16 software works based on android system. XTUNER CVD16 Android obd2 scanner support 12V/24V Heavy Duty and Passenger Car Diagnostic Tool.

2018 XTUNER CVD 16 CVD-16 12V/24V HD Vehicle OBD2 Diagnostic Adapter Based on Android

XTUNER CVD16 is a commercial vehicle diagnostic 16 pin adapter based on android system. This is an electronic device that connects to your truck, fire engine, or motorhome's on-board computers (ECUs) and transmits information via Bluetooth to the XTUNER CVD application.

XTUNER CVD-16 12V/24V Heavy Duty and Passenger Car Diagnostic Tool Bluetooth Truck Car OBD EOBD Scanner Support Android System

2018 New Released XTUNER CVD-16 V4.7 HD Diagnostic Adapter for Android

XTUNER CVD-16 Highlights:

1. Support Multilanguage include English, German, French, Korean, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Russian.

2. Support standard value of data stream for heavy duty vehicle.

3. Support online and offline DTC query.

4. Support online dictionary.

5. Support standard 6 pin and 9 pin diagnostic adapter.

6. The Adapter, made of industrial grade materials, is strong and durable.

7. Support one-key power cut.

8. Software online updatable.

9. Enhanced OBDII Mode 6.

Warranty: One year free for IDUTEX product hardware replacement and lifetime maintenance.

Software is free updating within 1 year, from the date of online automatically updating.


XTUNER CVD-16 Features:

The vehicle model and engine type can be auto detected.

It can display 99% of Heavy-Duty fault codes with detailed OEM level component and trailer descriptions.

Support OE Level Fault Code Information.

One key update/logging/quick test/test report/feedback functions.

Support data reference value mode, professional waveform display, instrument DIY function, and data stream analysis.

Hardware architecture uses a new design with multiple protection, interference and stability. Built-in over-voltage protection module is applied, in order to protect scanner and vehicle against accidental damage during checking.

Can work stably in high and low temperature environment, and work well.


XTUNER CVD-16 Functions List:

Auto detected by  automatic VIN.

Read ECU Information, Data Stream.

Read and erase generic codes (P0, P2, P3 and U0).

Read freeze frame data, monitor and I/M readiness status.

Read vehicle information (VIN, CIN and CVN).

Read, store and playback live O2 sensor test data.

Read PCM live data stream, with professional graphic data Display, includes waveform and instrument mode.


XTUNER CVD-16 Vehicle List:

Gasoline Version: Chrysler, Ford, GM, Toyota, Lexus, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, Suzuki, Abarth, Aston martin, Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserti, Benz, BMW, VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Porsche, Jaguar, Landrover, Volvo, Saab, Alfa.

Diesel Version: Allison, Bendix, Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Freightliner, Fuller, Haldex, International, John Deere, Mack, Mack 4, Mercedes Benz, Paccar, Pi, Psi, Takata, Volvo, Wabco, ZFMeritor, etc.

Passenger:All the passenger cars.


XTUNER CVD-16 Support System List:


Aerodynamic Control Unit

Aftertreatment System Gas Intake

Aftertreatment System Gas Outlet

Alternator/Electrical Charging System

Annunciator Unit

Atmospheric Sensor

Auxiliary Heater

Auxiliary Valve Control




Base Unit (Radio Gateway to Fixed End)

Body Controller

Brake Stroke Alert Monitor

Brakes-Drive Axle

Brakes-Steer Axle


Bridge from SAE J1708 Drivetrain Link

Bus Chassis Identification Unit

Cab Climate Control

Cab Controller - Primary

Cab Controller - Secondary

Cab Display

Cargo Refrigeration/Heating, Trailer

Chassis Controller

Clutch/Converter Unit

Collision Avoidance Radar

Communication Unit

Cranking/Starting System

Cruise Control

Data Logging Computer

Diagnostic System

DPF Controller

Driveline Retarder

Driver Information Center

Electrical Charging System

Electrical System

Endurance Braking System

ERear Axle Steering Controller

Pneumatic System Controller

Tires Control Unit

Engine - Cruise Control

Engine - Vehicle Mgt System

Engine Oil Control System

Engine Retarder

Engine Value Controller

Entry Assist Control

Environment Monitor Unit / Auxiliary Cab Climate Control

Exhaust Emission Controller

Fan Drive Controller

Fare Collection Unit

Forward Road Image Processor

Front Door (Door #1) Status Unit

Fuel System

Fuel Tank Monitor

Headway Controller

High Speed Communications Unit

Hitch Control

Hydraulic Pump Controller

Idle Adjust System

Ignition Control Module

Information System Controller

Instrument Cluster

Intersection Preemption Emitter

Lighting - Operator Controls

Lighting Control Adminstrator Unit

Maintenance Printer

Management Computer

Middle Door (Door #2) Status Unit

Mobile Data Terminal


Off Vehicle Gateway

Off-board Diagnostics

Off-board Programming Station

Oil Sensor

On-Board Diagnostic Unit

Parking Brake Controller

Parking Heater

Particulate Trap System

Passenger Counter Unit

Pneumatic - System Controller

Power System Manager

Power Takeoff

Powertrain Control Module

Propulsion Battery Charger

Proximity Detector

Ramp Control

Rear Axle Steering Controller

Rear Door (Door #3) Status Unit

Refrigerant Management Protection and Diag.




Road Speed Indicator

Route Adherence Unit

Safety Restraint System

Schedule Adherence Unit

Seat Control

Shift Console

Silent Alarm Unit

Smart Card Terminal

Starter System

Steering Column Unit

Surveillance Microphone



Tire Pressure Controller

Tractor-Trailor Bridge


Trip Recorder


Vehicle Control Head Touch Screen

Vehicle Dynamic Stability Controller

Vehicle Head Signs

Vehicle Logic Control Unit

Vehicle Management System #3

Vehicle Navigation

Vehicle Proximity

Vehicle Security

Vehicle Sensors to Data Converter

Vehicle Status Points Monitor Unit

Vehicle Turntable

Virtual Terminal (in cab)

Water Pump Controller

Weighing System

Axle Group


XTUNER CVD-16 Software Free Download:

CVD 16 client software First version released:

1. Professional Heavy-Duty, Light-Duty/Car systems diagnose.

2. Professional waveform analysis of data stream.

3. Professional instrumentation analysis of data stream.

4. Support data stream reference mode.

5. Online software update.

6. Online quick support.

Download link:XTUNER_CVD16_APK_V4.7.apk

XTUNER CVD-16 Support Protocol:

J1708,J1939,ISO 9141,ISO14230,ISO15765,SAE-J1850 VPW,SAE-J1850 PWM


XTUNER CVD-16 vs CVD-6 vs CVD-9 vs CVD-X:

Product CVD-6 CVD-9 CVD-16 CVD-X
Appearance cvd-6 cvd-6 cvd-16 cvd-x
Protocol J1708 J1708,J1939 J1708,J1939,ISO9141,ISO14230
ISO15765,SAE-J1850 VPW,
SAE-1850 PWM
ISO15765,SAE-J1850 VPW,
SAE-1850 PWM
Connector OBD-6 OBD-9 OBD-16 OBD-16, OBD-9,OBD-6
Input Voltage DC 8-26V DC 8-26V DC 8-26V DC 8-26V
Year Model 1990 -2000 year 2000 - newest 1996 - newest 1990 - newest
Bluetooth 4.0 Classic 4.0 Classic 4.0 Classic 4.0 Classic
Operating Android 4.0 and Above Android 4.0 and Above Android 4.0 and Above Android 4.0 and Above
I/M Reading  
Freeze Frame    
Waveform & Dashboard
Data playback
Data manager
Saved Reports

XTUNER CVD-16 Application: Commercial Vehicle, Passenger Car,I /M Readiness, IDUTEX Store, Quick Support, Data Playback, Dictionary, Feedback, Data Manage, User Info

xtuner cvd 16 application

XTUNER CVD-16 Software Features:

System Auto Detected

The heavy-duty vehicle model and engine type can be auto detected by automatic VIN

xtuner cvd 16 system

Smart I/M Monitor

I/M Monitor is a customized function,auto fast detection for status of all asensors to make sure its condition.

xtuner cvd 16 smart i/m monitor

Professional Live Data

xtuner cvd 16 live data

xtuner cvd 16 live data

Support prefessional oscilloscope function,can analyze and compare the 2 data streams,and can also enlarge or minish the image of sample frequency and waveform amplitude to analyze the difference and changes in the wave form to fastly and accurately find out the cause of the vehicle fault.

DTC Query

Support DTC query,include online query and offline query,online query was provided by IDUTEX,while offline query was provided by the third party like Google and Baidu.

xtuner cvd 16 dtc query

Quick Support:

Quick Support is a customized function,It is effective communicative bridge for user and enginner,improve efficiency of problem solveing.Users can send a remote request to engineer to check problems and ask questions through Team Viewer.

xtuner cvd 16 quick support

Online Dictionary

Support online dictionary,use third-party tools such as Google,Baidu and other browsing software to provide dictionary queries.

xtuner cvd 16 online dictionary

Data Manager:

Complete and comprehensive data manager,can manage vehicle APP,testing pictures,veideos and reports.Users can make effective management to hte files and storage.

xtuner cvd 16 data manager


Feedback,it is a effective communicative bridge for user and engineer,improve efficiency of problem solving.Built-in smart and tiny CRM system,meet customer requirements.

xtuner cvd 16 feedback

Data Playback

Data Playback,the users can playback the data to quickly analyze the communication data between vehicle and diagnostic tools to find out the problem,and even convenient for DIY big data.

xtuner cvd 16 data playback

User Info:

Test can save customer business or personal information,includeing user name,email,country and city.Save the model information that customer tested,save the test data by using VIN and test tine as ID.Save customer SN and password,to facilitage customer inquiries and software upgrades.

Save the customer software download information,including the vehicle and system software download time,download the version number and the total times of downlaod.

xtuner cvd 16 user info


XTUNER CVD-16 Specifications:

Processor:                                   ARM 32-bit Cortex Processor

Communications:                     Bluetooth

Operating Temperature:          -10 to 70℃(14-158℉),Relative Humidity:<90%

Storage Temperature:              -30 to 120℃(-22 to 248℉),Relative Humidity:<90%

Dimension:                                108mm*108mm*55.3mm

Unit Weight:                                NW0.04kg(0.088lb) GW:0.1kg(0.4lb)

Connector:                                  OBD2-16

Input Voltage:             

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Contact information:


Skype: Autodiagnostickit

Whatapp: +86-13728823315

Telephone: +86-18529576235


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