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JLR SDD FOR Jaguar and Land Rover Mangoose Pro SDD V145 Free Download

JLR SDD FOR Jaguar and Land Rover Mangoose Pro SDD V145 Free Download

JLR mangoose pro is obd2 diagnostic tool for Jaguar and land rover vehicles. Mangoose Pro SDD V145 software has been released for months, and it support cars til 2015 year. Today, team will share the jlr sdd v145 free download with you.

jlr mongoose pro sdd

SDD Land Rover/Jaguar is a dealer diagnostic program for Land Rover/Jaguar. SDD works with Land Rover/Range Rover since 2005 and Jaguars from 1995. Here provide the free Dowload V145 jlr SDD software.

JLR SDD V145 free download link:!o5c0wDxT!nUAfvdex-tGRC796VCsvgw

Works with:

    VCM I & II, Rotunda
    JLR Mangoose pro SDD cable


– O.S.: Windows XP; Windows 7
– Acrobat Reader 10
– Internet Explorer 8 or 9
– Hard Drive: 30 GB of available space


02.04.2016 – added 145.01.002 update
08.04.2016 – added 145.02 update
08.04.2016 – added 145.03 update
15.04.2016 – added 145.04 update, add new mirror for SDD installers

Languages: Germany/ Russian/ French/ Dutch/ Portuguese/ Japanese/ Spanish/ Italian/ English/ Simplified Chinese.

jlr sdd v145

How to install V145 JLR SDD Pro Software?

1.Insert CD1,copy four files to desktop:JLR Driver,DFStd,DFStd-KEY,JLRAutoInstall Patch 145.
2.Click JLR SDD Full V145 application to install.
3.Install VDF-JA-145 application.

4.Insert CD2,install SPA_145.exe.

5.Install VDF_LA_145.exe,and this will take 30 minutes to 2 hours.

6.Insert JLR CD3,install VDF_LA_145.exe.

7.Insert JLR CD4,install VDF_LA_145.exe.

8.Extract JLRAutoInstall Patch 145 file you have copied from CD1 to desktop.Install “AutoJLR”,click patch.
9.Run JLR SDD icon on desktop,and input id and password from user&pass txt file.


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