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V5.017 Firmware KESS V2 V2.23 Support Online Connect Will Release Soon!

V5.017 Firmware KESS V2 V2.23  Support Online Connect Will Release Soon!

2017 new kess v2 with firmware v5.017 will release soon. Kess v2 v5.17 comes with k-suite software v2.23. v5.017 kess v2 ksuite v2.23 will add 140 new protocols for cars and trucks.

Kess v2 5.017

This tool is the latest firmware 5.017 Kess v2 ecu programming tool.
Kess v2 5.017 is fully open to all protocols including DQ200 DQ250 DQ500 gearbox, it is running 2.32 Ksuite and there are no grey protocols.
v5.017 kess v2 v2.32 is unlimited tokens, it can be used with internet on and without any worry.
Pcb have all parts of original device from factory, not reworked by hand!

kess v2 5.017

What's diffierence between the KESS v2 5.017 and Kess v2 4.036?


Connect Online


Computer RE.

Support list


KESS v2 4.036


Need Re-charge

XP or few WIN7

Cars, few others


KESS v2 5.017


No Need


XP/WIN7/WIN8/Windows virtual machine

Almost Cars, trucks,


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