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VAS 5054A ODIS VW Audi Software VAG 5054A ODIS Software Free Download

VAS 5054A ODIS VW Audi Software VAG 5054A ODIS Software Free Download

vas 5054a is vag diagnostic interface for audi vw skoda seat etc. VAS5054A diagnostic scanner works with vag odis software. Nowadays, odis vw audi has updated to v4.1.3.

odis vw audi

VAG ODIS v4.1.3 software download link is available now, please follow us here:

Vas 5054a ODIS AUDI VW Free Download:

ODIS 4.1.3 Torrent Free Download Link:
Link of FTP Sever to Download Full Package of ODIS 4.1.3:


ODIS 4.1.3 Mega Download Link:




VOBDII.COM team have ODIS 4.1.3 with ODIS 4.1.3 license and ODIS 4.1.3 keygen ready for installed and will test it with vas 5054a for VAG diagnosis and VW/Audi online programming. 

ODIS 4.1.3 Software Features:


- Software no need activation, can directly use

- Add odis engineering 6.7.5 software 


- Elsawin 5.3 add VW AUDI database included 

- Audi Data: 2017.2

- VW Data: 2017.1


- System Version: Win7 32 bit

VOBDII.COM ODIS 4.1.3 Software HDD Will Release Soon:
We are trying to installed ODIS 4.1.3 with ODIS engineering software, Elsawin and ETKA into one HDD as well. ODIS 4.1.3 will installed on Window 7 32 bit system for customer need. 
Default language will be English, if you have demand on ODIS 4.1.3 software language. Pls contact us via emaill: to give us your advice. If you can't wait for the latest odis 4.1.3, please you can order odis v4.0 hdd from us!
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