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VCDS Beta 18.5 for VCDS HEX V2 Software Ross-tech VCDS 18.5.0 Has Been Released!

VCDS Beta 18.5 for VCDS HEX V2 Software Ross-tech VCDS 18.5.0 Has Been Released!

VCDS Beta 18.5 for VCDS hex v2 cable has been released, Ross-tech vcds 18.5.0 can only work with vcds hex v2 cable original plan version. team will have the vcds hex v2 cable original factory plan version available soon!

ross-tech vcds 18.5

What new features did the vcds beta 18.5 add?

    Preliminary support for model-year 2019 cars
    ... specifically the MQB-based Jetta that is now available in North America.

    Completely revised and revamped ASAM/ODX Data
    ... and changes to the VCDS software needed to accommodate it.

    Adds a search box to the Auto-Scan's Chassis Selection function

    ... allowing the user to type a search phrase that will limit the ever-growing list of chassis codes in the drop-down:

ross-tech vcds 18.5

    Added support for new 16-bit "5 baud" control module addresses.
    ... thankfully, they don't actually get sent at 5 baud.

    Added automatic re-read of channels in SRI
    ... allowing the post-SRI state to be saved for posterity.   

    Fixed certain internal data size limitations
    ... that previously affected very large measuring value data. 

    Improved session timeout detection
    ... and fixed delay when starting Auto-Scan after having previously accessed a module.

    Fixed startup delay when PC is connected to a network without internet access. 

    Allow for an arbitrary number of "zones" for flash counters in Advanced ID
    ... previously limited to 3 zones.

    Fix for some late-model, southern-hemisphere cars that still require ECU access via K-Line.
    ... yes, seriously, 2017 model cars!

    Warn when user attempts to "Reset all Adaptations" in UDS basic settings and adaptation
    ... some of these channels will wipe out a module's parameterization and it's a really bad idea to do that.

    Improvements to 6R, 5N chassis detection

    Improved automation of Transport Mode switching for UDS gateways
    ... for customers who seem to be incapable of searching for "Transport" in the gateway's adaptation channels.


The vcds hex v2 original factory plan is not available yet, but we have the vcds vagcom cable original factory plan and vcds hex v2 China Copy available, they has updated to vcds 18.2.0. you can get them instead if you can't wait.

More details, you can contact team freely!


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