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How to Update CGDI Prog BMW Software & Firmware Online?

How to Update CGDI Prog BMW Software & Firmware Online?

CGDI RPOG BMW is professional auto diagnostic tool, key programmer, and security maintenance tool fro bmw vehicles. CGDI BMW support free online update, recently, CGDI PROG BMW has updated v2.2.0.

cgdi prog bmw

Notice: V2.2.0 cgdi prog bmw added BMW F Series Coding & BMW EGS Function.

How to do cgdi prog bmw software & firmware update online?

CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 Software Update Guide:

Step 1. Receive message " There is a new version", click on "OK"
Step 2. Click on "Setting", then "Check for updates", waiting until the next dialog box appears.
Step 3. Checking local file.
Step 4. Detects a new file, click "Yes" to update.
Step 5. Downloading file.

CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 Firmware Update Gudie:

Step 1. Connect CGDI Pro device to the computer, open CGDI software.
Step 2. Click on "Setting" and then "Upgrade the firmware", waiting.
Step 3. Updating...
Step 4. CGDI programmer firmware update successfully, again click on "Upgrade the firmware".
Step 5. Get message reading " The version is already up to date without upgrading". Click on "OK".

If you have any qeustions about cgdi prog bmw firmware & software update, you can contact team freely.


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