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OBDSTAR BMT-08 Car Battery Tester Support Cars and Trucks

OBDSTAR BMT-08 Car Battery Tester Support Cars and Trucks

obdstar bmt-08 car battery tester is the newly released automobile battery analyzer for 12v and 24v vehicles. OBDSTAR BMT-08 car battery analyzer for cars and trucks suppport starting up, charging electrical loading and also automotive battery match via OBD.

obdstar bmt-08 car battery tester

OBDSTAR BMT-08 car battery tester is the best solution to battery sales, vehicle repair and condition check for all kinds of lead-acid batteries that used in equipment system associated  with lead-acid battery.

OBDSTAR BMT08 Car Battery Analyzer Application Range
Tester support :
All car/ truck lead-acid starting battery, including regular flooded, EFB, GEL, AGM spiral, AGM flat plat
Battery match support :

OBDSTAR BMT-08 Working battery Range:  100AH~2000AH
Test Standards OBDSTAR BT06
CCA 100-2000
DIN 100-1400
EN 100-2000
IEC 100-1400
SAE 100-2000
JIS 26A17-245H52
GB 30-200Ah
BCI 100-2000
CA 100-2000
MCA 100-2000

If you are looking for one car battery tester for cars and trucks, then you can choose the original obdstar bmt-08. More details, you can clidk our link or contact team freely.


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