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Original Plan VCDS Vagcom OBD2 Cable VAG COM USB Interface User Tips

Original Plan VCDS Vagcom OBD2 Cable VAG COM USB Interface User Tips

Original plan vcds is like genuine vagcom obd2 cable for audi vw skoda seat bentley lamborghini. Original plan vagcom obd2 cable support firmware, software online update, and can support 16 multi-language. While it is a little more complex to use the original plan vcds usb cable than cracked vagcom.

original plan vcds

Here are some useful tips for Original plan VCDS Vagcom obd2 cable, please read it before using it.

1. This original plan vcds need to use vcds loader to operate. And need to register before using

2. VCDS software installation simple steps:

1) firstly Install the VCDS software.  clik next, next …

2) secondly install vcds loader. After you finish the software here, pls  DO NOT open the VCDS software  at once. Continue to install  VCDS Loader Eva  v1.1 Setup”

connect the cable to the laptop, Click “Register hardware “ to register, Generate the register file. Then send this registration on desktop to your seller to help to finish the register , and he will send back a new file to you. The you can complete the registration via the file.


3. please use the VCDS Loader to run the vcds software after the vcds software installed.

4.for each time vcds software update, you have to install the new VCDS loader, we will offer the new VCDS loader after we tested the latest software.

5. How to fix vcds not work problem

 original plan vcds loader

6. how to fix “interface not found” error

answer: our engineer has ever fixed this error via installing newer software. If it doesn’t work, please contact us to check it.

More questions about original plan vcds operation, please feel free to contact team.


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