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Red PCB KTAG K tag Firmware v7.020 K TAG 2.23 Online Version is Available!

Red PCB KTAG K tag Firmware v7.020 K TAG 2.23 Online Version is Available!

RED PCB ktag ecu programming tool is available on online shop. Ktag firmware v7.020 with red pcb board can work with internet connected. RED PCB K-TAG 7.020 master version support Car, Motorcyle and Truck ECU Programming.

read pcb ktag 7.020

Alientech k tag master Ktag 2.23 with RED PCB K-tag pcr 2.23 Ktag firmware V7.020 Tokens Unlimitation

Ktag 2.23 Software Version: k-suite V2.23
K-tag pcr 2.1 Hardware/Firmware Version: V7.020

New Add ECU Type: Toyota 76FXXX, PSA 17.4.4, Ford E83, VW 17.5.5 (1766),

Mercedes-Benz 276ECU,Toyota 76F, and so on, at least 100 more ECU Types added

Support BDM Function Well, no checksum error, available Protocols BDM MOTOROLA MPC5xx


RED PCB KTAG K TAG V7.020 with v2.23 Ksuite software PCB Board Display:

red pcb ktag 7.020
1.Use Japan imported filter NFE61PT472C1H9L
2.8x WFs = Infineon, BCR112 NPN Digital Transistor
3.7x 27E = ON Semiconductor NUP2105LT1G
4.8x 6DW = NXP BC817,215 NPN Bipolar Transistor
5.3x A6c = MMUN2113LT1G / MMUN2113LT3G check your ktagpcb may already have 3 x A6c
6.2x K5B = BC807-25-7-F PNP Bipolar Transistor

If you wanna purchase high quality ktag 7.020 ecu programming tool, team wanna recommend the red pcb k-tag firmware v7.027 with k-suite v2.23 to you. More information, you can contact team.


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