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Which Vag Diagnostic Tool to Choose? VAGCOM VCDS or VAS5054A with ODIS Software?

Which Vag Diagnostic Tool to Choose? VAGCOM VCDS or VAS5054A with ODIS Software?

VAGCOM vcds obd2 scanner and vas5054a with odis software are 2 hot-selling obd2 vag diagnostic tool. They can both support diagnosis via obd2. Some customers are wondering which one to choose for vag vehicles, vagcom vcds or vas5054a with odis software? Today, team wanna share with the comparisioin between then and wish that will help you to make the decision.


VCDS VAG COM or VAS 5054a:


VAS 5054A Original Plan VCDS
Price $94.99 $ 49.99
Target User Garage Home use
Bluetooth Support  No
Diagnose Both help in diagnostic function
Recode Function Some unit can be recode by VCDS, this same unit to recode in VAS5054 odis need to be do online.
Update Updates are available
but expensive for multi brand
Accessible to update online
but only the original interface
with fully registered versions
receive updates for life.
Operation System Windows 7, XP(xp2/xp3) Windows XP, Windows 7

VAS5054 and VCDs Vagcom Interface Test Results:


1.) VCDS will help you with a problem, VAS 5054a good for guided functions and procedures.

2.) For special exchange controller, VAS 5054a is simple, can easy make copy of coding and all settings.

3) VCDS is more simple, clear, faster in use, but for expert – VCDS not supply any special login / security code. Most of the time VAS5054

no need this – VAS login to controller automatic, you no need to know Security Access etc.

4) VCDS most for flashing the ecu (hidden), VAS 5054a most use for diagnostics and coding.

5) VCDS never calibrate RVC, even if you follow instruction, for VAS is 5 min.

6) To do coding and alignments on VW and Audi, better to have both, vag and vas-pc.

If you still have questions about vas5054a with odis software and vcds vagcom interface, please feel free to contact team.



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